The Boudreau Firm

We advocate for the rights of businesses and individuals in their contracts.

If you are facing business litigation or a commercial dispute, you are likely dealing with a complex issue with significant risks. Get the help of an experienced lawyer who has a proven track record of obtaining ideal outcomes for her clients.

The Boudreau Firm is a boutique firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida, operating throughout the state. We handle all matters pertaining to contract disputes, mediation and arbitration, bad faith insurance, fraud, construction and remodeling cases, consumer rights, such as warranties and deceptive practices, and other business cases. We fight strategically and tenaciously to get you a favorable settlement. When necessary, we are not afraid to go to court on your behalf.

Attorney Tamera Boudreau leads The Boudreau Firm. She’s a skilled business litigation attorney with 20+ years of experience in this field. She has handled hundreds of cases, including ones resulting in million-dollar settlements for her clients. Her successful experience, combined with her ability to translate complex fact patterns into optimal outcomes, has been an immense advantage in the cases she’s handled.

Commitment. Focus. Top-notch.

The Boudreau Firm stands for its clients.

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