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Insurance companies have the legal and ethical duty to act in good faith toward their policyholders,  that is, with honesty, fairness, and integrity. But often, policyholders and claimants find themselves struggling when dealing with their insurer about payments and or coverage. They find that the insurance company has been misleading, deceitful, unreasonable, or unlawful. This may constitute an insurance “bad faith” case, for which a claimant may receive compensation.

Bad Faith Insurance

If you are in a dispute over an insurance policy in Florida, or you believe that your insurance company is not fulfilling its obligation to you, get the help of an attorney who holds a successful record going toe to toe against large companies.  We are tenacious in fighting for the rights and entitlements of clients like you, and we have the successful track record to prove it. Lead Attorney Tamera Boudreau has been handling insurance disputes for over two decades, obtaining high-value settlements for many clients.

The Boudreau Firm can handle the following insurance conflicts:

  • Health insurance disputes
  • Auto insurance disputes
  • Homeowner insurance disputes, including property flooding, hurricane, fire, mold, vandalism, and more
  • Business interruption insurance to cover company losses after a disaster (including COVID-19 business interruption claims)
  • Personal injury claim disputes such as an accident, crash, dog bite, and slipping/falling
  • Disability insurance disputes
  • Other insurance claim disputes.

If you live in Tampa Bay, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County or Sarasota County, call Tamera Boudreau.  It’s time to know your rights and speak to the advocate who will enforce them for you. The Boudreau Firm: 727-390-7614.  

What constitutes insurance bad faith?

Some insurance claims can face delays or denial due to reasonable causes. However, if your insurance claim has suffered vague stalling or an unexplainable rejection, it is best to consult with a lawyer experienced in bad faith insurance claims to see if you have a case.

Here are some examples of an insurance company’s bad faith practices:

  • Failing to investigate a claim promptly
  • Failing to be thorough in the investigation of a claim
  • Stalling the claims process for a long time
  • Requiring the policyholder to do unreasonable actions or submit unreasonable documentation
  • Interpreting the policy language in a deceitful way
  • Rejecting a legitimate claim
  • Denying insurance benefits without fair reason
  • Refusing to pay up to policy limits
  • Delaying the payment for an unreasonable amount of time
  • Failing to settle or defend a claim against the policyholder.

Bad faith insurance practices can happen when the claimant does not have an attorney to assert their rights against a well-resourced insurer. You can reach out to The Boudreau Firm in St. Petersburg at any point in your claim to see if you have a case and learn your best legal remedies.

How do I recover from bad faith insurance?

In a successful bad faith insurance claim, the claimant can receive payment for damages such as lost wages and attorney fees. In a few cases, if the court finds that the insurance company committed gross misconduct, they may also have to pay punitive damages to the claimant. Over and above these, a successful lawsuit against bad faith practices holds the wrongdoer accountable and deters other insurance companies from engaging in similar unlawful acts.

In the event of a bad faith insurance lawsuit in Florida, you will first need to go to the state insurance commissioner to file a Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violation (CRN). The CRN form is available online, but you may want to consult with an attorney regarding some of the details, such as the statutory basis of the insurer’s alleged violation.

Also, discuss with your lawyer the damages you can potentially recover and your best next steps. It is possible to settle a bad faith claim before the lawsuit proceeds to trial. Your attorney should provide sound legal advice and represent you and your interests assertively during negotiation or litigation.

Can I file a bad faith claim against a large insurance company?

Even the biggest insurance companies in the state and the country are not exempt from the bad faith legal doctrine. Policyholders have the right to pursue a bad faith lawsuit against them when necessary. However, it can be difficult to find an insurance dispute attorney who is both capable and fearless when facing powerful insurers.

If you hope to hold an insurance company accountable for their wrongful dealing with you, choose your attorney wisely. Look for these qualities in an insurance dispute lawyer:

  • Successful track record of handling insurance disputes
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in negotiating with big insurers
  • Many years of experience in Insurance Law or Business Law
  • Individualized commitment to each client, treating your case as unique and not just another file.

At The Boudreau Firm, our insurance dispute attorneys have decades of experience representing people in situations involving bad faith insurance claims against powerful insurance companies and their legal teams. We combine our experience with strategy and aggressiveness in asserting our clients’ rights. Because of this, we have obtained favorable outcomes on behalf of clients, including many million-dollar settlements.

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